Elevators was founded in 2006 by the team which has many years of experience and experience in the elevator sector with the aim of combining elevator installation, maintenance, breakdown, revision material manufacturing and export work, especially in Marmara region in Turkey. After the speed of quality service staff continues to provide smooth service to the elevator users.

Domestic and overseas with high quality production in Turkey continues to be a brand in the market. The aim of our company is to bring different services to our construction sector and our esteemed customers with our elevator facilities with the latest technological developments of the era and our strong service staff after the facility. We are honored to serve our valued customers.


ORACLE Company, which has been providing reliable and high quality service for many years, is proud to serve you in the best possible way and in the shortest time.

Our Mission: To produce the ideal solution from the marketing process, to prepare the most reliable project in the technical process, to use the best quality products in the purchasing process, to work with an expert team in the assembly and maintenance process, to produce customer focused solutions in the financial process, To prepare the most suitable project by evaluating each structure in its own conditions.

Our Vision:  To follow the changing technology, innovative products and aesthetically tailored solutions and to meet the needs with its staff having technological know-how in elevator.  Customer satisfaction is the center of all our activities and the most important duty of our employees is to satisfy our customers. As a result, it is possible to remain in the preferred company position again.