Welcome to LIFTKOM

Since its inception in 2001 until today, LIFTKOM lifts and escalators contracting is a dynamic of an innovative company with the subject of activity manufacture, installation, and service of elevators, installation, and maintenance of escalators, moving walkways and platforms for disabled.



The fact is that lifts are considered to be the safest type of transport, as experts say: “Can not compare the safety of the elevators with street safety “! The safety of the passenger is the most important thing in the elevator, so the team of LIFTKOM lifts and escalators contracting has made it – safety and quality to be the first in the design and manufacture of our lift facilities. 


Escalators and walkways are an integral part of the functionality of any large building or transport node and ensure their mobility, mobility comfort and unique vision. LIFTKOM lifts and escalators contracting  is the largest supplier of escalators and moving paths in Bulgaria. We can satisfy any design vision and consult you in the process of choosing the right type of escalator.


LIFTKOM parking system serving the needs of high traffic buildings (offices, parking facilities etc) where the available space is limited. It doesn’t require a pit and is designed to operate in a way that ensures accessibility to all platforms automatically.



Exceptional reliability with an average of less than one callback per elevator per year LIFTKOM lifts and escalators is using one of the best elevators machine in the world SASSI ITALY Machine MRL & MRA type   


A major name in elevators and escalators LIFTKOM has built a reputation for creating breakthroughs that make getting around more comfortable, safe, and even inspiring. Take our escalator, for example. Its development required years of dedicated effort to overcome the immense physical, technical, and mechanical challenges involved. Then there’s our super high-speed elevator, the culmination of decades of engineering experience and precision craftsmanship. It provides an ultra-fast, reliable riding experience with imperceptible vibration and noise. And there’s artificial intelligence technology that “learns” a building’s traffic patterns to deliver a more responsive service. LIFTKOM is dedicated to creating better point-to-point transport experiences for all. We’re also a leading manufacturer of moving walks and home elevators.